Simply Pure by Nature

Inspired By Nature - May 2020

By Aimee Flor
on May 01, 2020

Nature Inspirations for May 2020 include: Nature Poem: Song on May Morning, John Milton (1608 -1674) and Nature Music Piece: The Moldau, Smetana


Nature Poem

Song on May Morning

John Milton (1608 -1674)


Now the bright morning star, Day's harbinger,

Comes dancing from the east, and leads with her

The flowery May, who from her green lap throws

The yellow cowslip and the pale primrose.

Hail, bounteous May, that dost inspire

Mirth, and youth, and warm desire!

Woods and groves are of thy dressing;

Hill and dale doth boast thy blessing.

Thus we salute thee with our early song,

And welcome thee, and wish thee long.



Nature Music Piece

The Moldau


Inspired By Nature - April 2020

By Aimee Flor
on April 01, 2020

Nature Inspirations for April 2020 include: Nature Poem: There was an old Man with a Beard, Edward Lear (1812 -1888) and Nature Painting: Two Hunting Dogs Tied To A Tree Stump, Bassano (Jacopo Dal Ponte) (1548)



Nature Poem

There was an old Man with a Beard

Edward Lear (1812-1888)


There was an old Man with a beard,

Who said, 'It is just as I feared!-

Two Owls and a Hen, four Larks and a Wren,

Have all made their nests in my beard!'



Nature Painting

Two Hunting Dogs Tied To A Tree Stump, Bassano (Jacopo dal Ponte), 1548

Inspired By Nature - March 2020

By Aimee Flor
on March 01, 2020

Nature Inspirations for March 2020 include: Nature Poem: The First Spring Day, Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) and Nature Music Piece: Symphony no. 3 in E-flat Major (“Rhenish”), Schumann


Nature Poem

The First Spring Day

Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)


I wonder if the sap is stirring yet,

If wintry birds are dreaming of a mate,

If frozen snowdrops feel as yet the sun

And crocus fires are kindling one by one:

Sing, robin, sing;

I still am sore in doubt concerning Spring.


I wonder if the spring tide of this year

Will bring another Spring both lost and dear;

If heart and spirit will find out their Spring,

Or if the world alone will bud and sing:

Sing, hope, to me;

Sweet notes, my hope, soft notes for memory.


The sap will surely quicken soon or late,

The tardiest bird will twitter to a mate;

So Spring must dawn again with warmth and bloom,

Or in this world, or in the world to come:

Sing, voice of Spring,

Till I too blossom and rejoice and sing.



Nature Music Piece

Symphony no. 3 in E-flat Major (“Rhenish”)


Inspired By Nature - February 2020

By Aimee Flor
on February 01, 2020

Nature Inspirations for February 2020 include: Nature Poem: Ceremonies for Candlemasse Eve, Robert Herrick (1591-1674) and Nature Painting: St. Jerome in a Landscape, Battista Dossi (Battista di Luteri) (1548)



Nature Poem

Ceremonies for Candlemasse Eve

Robert Herrick (1591-1674)


Down with the Rosemary and Bayes,

Down with the Mistleto;

In stead of Holly, now up-raise

The greener Box (for show).


Holly hitherto did sway;

Let Box now domineere;

Untill the dancing Easter-day,

Or Easters Eve appeare.


Then youthfull Box which now hath grace,

Your houses to renew;

Grown old, surrender must his place,

Unto the crisped Yew.


When Yew is out, then Birch comes in,

And many Flowers beside;

Both of a fresh, and fragrant kinne

To honour Whitsontide.


Green Rushes then, and sweetest Bents,

With cooler Oken boughs;

Come in for comely ornaments,

To re-adorn the house.

Thus times do shift; each thing his turne do's hold;

New things succeed, as former things grow old.



Image result for St. Jerome in a landscape Battista Dossi

Nature Painting

St. Jerome in a Landscape, Battista Dossi (Battista di Luteri), 1548

Inspired By Nature - January 2020

By Aimee Flor
on January 01, 2020

Nature Inspirations for January 2020 include: Nature Poem: The Year's at the Spring, Robert Browning (1812-1889) and Nature Music Piece: Midsummer Night's Dream Overture, Mendelssohn


Nature Poem

The Year's at the Spring

From Pippa Passes

Robert Browning (1812-1889)


The year's at the spring,

And day's at the morn;

Morning's at seven;

The hill-side's dew-pearled;

The lark's on the wing;

The snail's on the thorn;

God's in His heaven -

All's right with the world!



Nature Music Piece

Midsummer Night's Dream Overture


Inspired By Nature - December 2019

By Aimee Flor
on December 01, 2019

Nature Inspirations for December 2019 include: Nature Poem: Now Winter Nights Enlarge, Thomas Campion (1567-1620) and Nature Painting: St. Anthony and the Miracle of the Mule, Domenico Beccafumi (II Mecarino) (1537)



Nature Poem

Now Winter Nights Enlarge

Thomas Campion (1567-1620)


Now winter nights enlarge

The number of their houres,

And clouds their stormes discharge

Upon the ayrie towres.

Let now the chimneys blaze

And cups o'erflow with wine:

Let well-tun'd words amaze

With harmonie divine.

Now yellow waxen lights

Shall waite on hunny Love

While youthfull Revels, Masks, and Courtly sights

Sleepes leaden spels remove.


This time doth well dispence

With lovers long discourse;

Much speech hath some defence,

Though beauty no remorse.

All doe not all things well;

Some measures comely tread,

Some knotted Ridles tell; 

Some Poems smoothly read.

The Summer hath his joyes,

And Winter his delights;

Though Love and all his pleasures are but toyes,

They shorten tedious nights.



Nature Painting

St. Anthony and the Miracle of the Mule, Domenico Beccafumi (II Mecarino), 1537

Inspired By Nature - November 2019

By Aimee Flor
on November 01, 2019

Nature Inspirations for November 2019 include: Nature Poem: Autumn Idleness, Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) and Nature Music Piece: Symphony no. 6 in F Major (“Pastoral”), Beethoven



Nature Poem

Autumn Idleness

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882)


This sunlight shames November where he grieves

In dead red leaves, and will not let him shun

The day, though bough with bough be over-run.

But with a blessing every glade receives

High salutation; while from hillock-eaves

The deer gaze calling, dappled white and dun,

As if, foresters of old, the sun

Had marked them with the shade of forest-leaves.


Here dawn to-day unveiled her magic glass;

Here noon now gives the thirst and takes the dew;

Till eve bring rest when other good things pass. 

And here the lost hours the lost hours renew

While I still lead my shadow o'er the grass,

Nor know, for longing, that which I should do.



Nature Music Piece

Symphony no. 6 in F Major (“Pastoral”)


Inspired By Nature - October 2019

By Aimee Flor
on October 01, 2019

Nature Inspirations for October 2019 include: Nature Poem: October, Alfred Austin (1835-1913) and Nature Painting: The Virgin of the Rocks, Leonardo da Vinci (1483)



Nature Poem


Alfred Austin (1835-1913)


Give me October's meditative haze,

Its gossamer mornings, dewy-wimpled eves,

Dewy and fragrant, fragrant and secure,

The long slow sound of farmward-wending wains,

When homely Love sups quiet 'mid his sheaves,

Sups 'mid his sheaves, his sickle at his side,

And all is peace, peace and plump fruitfulness.




Nature Painting

The Virgin of the Rocks, Leonardo da Vinci, 1483

Inspired By Nature - September 2019

By Aimee Flor
on September 01, 2019

Nature Inspirations for September 2019 include: Nature Poem: Song at the Beginning of Autumn, Elizabeth Jennings (1926-2001) and Nature Music Piece: Orchestra Suite no. 3 in D Major, Bach



Nature Poem

Song at the Beginning of Autumn

Elizabeth Jennings (1926-2001)


Now watch this autumn that arrives

In smells. All looks like summer still;

Colours are quite unchanged, the air

On green and white serenely thrives.

Heavy the trees with growth and full 

The fields. Flowers flourish everywhere.


Proust who collected time within

A child's cake would understand 

The ambiguity of this -

Summer still raging while a thin

Column of smoke stirs from the land

Proving that autumn gropes for us.


But every season is a kind

Of rich nostalgia. We give names -

Autumn and summer, winter, spring -

As though to unfasten from the mind

Our moods and give them outward forms.

We want the certain, solid thing.


But I am carried back against 

My will into a childhood where

Autumn is bonfires, marbles, smoke;

I lean against my window fenced

From evocations in the air.

When I said autumn, autumn broke.



Nature Music Piece

Orchestra Suite no. 3 in D Major


Inspired By Nature - August 2019

By Aimee Flor
on August 01, 2019

Nature Inspirations for August 2019 include: Nature Poem: Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, Thomas Gray (1716-1771) and Nature Painting: St. Francis Preaching to the Birds, Giotto di Bondone (1295-1300)



Nature Poem

Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

Verses 1-9

Thomas Gray (1716-1771)


The curfew tolls the knell of parting day,

The lowing herd wind slowly o'er the lea,

The plowman homeward plods his weary way,

And leaves the world to darkness and to me.


Now fades the glimmering landscape on the sight,

And all the air a solemn stillness holds,

Save where the beetle wheels his droning flight,

And drowsy tinklings lull the distant folds;


Save that from yonder ivy-mantled tow'r

The mopeing owl does to the moon complain

Of such, as wand'ring near her secret bow'r,

Molest her ancient solitary reign.


Beneath those rugged elms, that yew-tree's shade,

Where heaves the turf in many a mould'ring heap,

Each in his narrow cell for ever laid,

The rude Forefathers of the hamlet sleep.


The breezy call of incense-breathing Morn,

The swallow twitt'ring from the straw-built shed,

The cock's shrill clarion, or the echoing horn,

No more shall rouse them from their lowly bed.


For them no more the blazing hearth shall burn,

Or busy housewife ply her evening care:

No children run to lisp their sire's return,

Or climb his knees the envied kiss to share.


Oft did the harvest to their sickle yield,

Their furrow oft the stubborn glebe has broke;

How jocund did they drive their team afield!

How bow'd the woods beneath their sturdy stroke!


Let not Ambition mock their useful toil,

Their homely joys, and destiny obscure;

Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainful smile,

The short and simple annals of the poor.


The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power, 

And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave,

Await alike the inevitable hour.

The paths of glory lead but to the grave.



Paris Louvre Painting 1295-1300 Giotto di Bondone - St Francis Preaching To The Birds

Nature Painting 

St. Francis Preaching to the Birds, Giotto di Bondone, 1295-1300

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