Photo: Zack Seckler


It's scientifically proven that taking a break (20 minutes) helps you with your memory and to re-evaluate your goals.


Also studies have even shown that our minds solve the toughest problems when we're daydreaming - the great ideas you come up with when you're taking a shower or brushing your teeth...


Here's some tips to get you to stop and help you relax and recharge for the afternoon ahead.


Turn off your computer and cellphones. If tempted, go to another location without them.


Go Outside
A stroll in the park or neighborhood increases blood flow to the brain, boosting creative thought and memory performance.


Brain Food
Try fish that's high in omega 3 which improves intellectual function or dark chocolate that is a natural stimulant.


Refresh & Replenish
Drink a glass of water, you're often dehydrated without knowing it. This can affect your concentration levels and energy.


Try some shoulder shrugs and circling your elbows.


Give Your Eyes a Break
Work for 20 minutes, break for 20 seconds and look at objects that are 20 feet away from you.


Tell me how you spend your breaks during the day by leaving a comment below.