Photo: Megan Converse


We all know that water is important for our health and is a beauty secret for glowing skin! But taking in plain water can be a bit boring, so what do we do? I've been test trying different ways to drink water and would like to share very simple recipes that worked for me and hopefully for you as well:


Water & Lemon
Lemons are high in vitamin c and boost your immune system when taken in first thing in the morning. It also aids in digestion where it loosens toxins in the digestive tract. Note: They're an alkaline food and are not acidic inside our bodies.


Spa Waters
Water infused with any sliced fruit combinations, my favorite combinations are:


Ginger + Mint
The two ingredients are great for digestion, immunity and anti-inflammatory.


Strawberry + Sage
Strawberry are rich in antioxidants and fiber and sage aids in digestion and has a soothing effect as well.


For soda lovers, there's a natural alternative for you too!
For your carbonation cravings, try KeVita's probiotic mango coconut water or their other great flavors here. It's great for improving digestion, boosting immunity and for cleansing the liver.


Would love to hear any new ideas for enhancing your waters, please share in the comments below!