Maintaining good posture does wonders for your appearance. Proper posture can help you feel and look more confident. When you avoid slouching, you can look taller and slimmer! Below is a short guideline and a tip to achieve this!


Good Posture is:
Imagining that there's a string that is pulling through the top of your head. There should be a straight line going from your ears through the shoulders, down to the center of the hips, through the center of your knees and ending at the center of your foot.


A simple tip: try standing with your back against a wall and carry that same image of how the wall feels everywhere you go.


Good Posture contributes to good health too!


Helpful For Proper Breathing
Good posture helps to open the airways to help with proper breathing. This will help improve the flow of oxygen to your brain, which increases attentiveness and alertness.


Reduces Stress & Back Pain
Good posture prevents muscle aches and exhaustion. It keeps your bones and joints in proper alignment to prevent strain and overuse.


Good for Future Health
Good posture may help you avoid new health problems. It reduces wear and tear on joints such as arthritis. Lastly, it protects the spine from injury and from developing a fixed abnormal position.


Good posture may take some practice and focus at first. Over time, it'll be a well worth effort!