several vials in white wooden organizer shelf

Photo: Brittany Neale


Ginger Tea 

A bright, fresh scent known to help with digestion and morning sickness.

Geranium Garden

A robust floral scent with citrus undertones may help balance changing hormones.

Vanilla Sugar 

Leaves a silky soft-feel and a sweet, balsamic aroma.

Nourishing Body Oil

Moisturizes, protects, and soothes sensitive skin.

Jasmine Dream

A warm, floral scent with tangy undertones promotes relaxation.

Mystical Juniper

A fresh, uplifting scent with woody undertones helps with headaches, colds and flu.

Refreshing Grapefruit 

A light citrus aroma peps up the senses and helps reduce anxiety.

Serene Lavender

A herbaceous floral aroma calms the senses for a good night's sleep. Helps diminish stretch marks.

P.S. These products scores "one" in the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, a safety guide brought to you by researchers of the Environmental Working Group. One = safest (naturally, less is more).