Nature Inspirations for August 2020 include: Nature Poem: Sonnet, Thomas Lodge (1558 -1625) and Nature Painting: The Concert on the Water, Giovanni Battista Viola (1620)



Nature Poem


Thomas Lodge (1558 -1625)


O shady vales, O fair enriched meads,

O sacred woods, sweet fields, and rising mountains,

O painted flowers, green herbs, where Flora treads,

Refreshed by wanton winds and watery fountains;

O all you winged choristers of wood,

That, perched aloft, your former pains report,

And straight again recount with pleasant mood

Your  present joys in sweet and seemly sort;

O all you creatures whosoever thrive

On mother earth, in seas, by air or fire,

More blessed are you than I here under sun.

Love dies in me whenas he doth revive

In you; I perish under Beauty's ire,

Where after storms, winds, frosts, your life is won.


 File:Le Concert sur l'eau – Giovanni Battista Viola – Musée du Louvre, INV 208 – Q18572455.jpg

Nature Painting

The Concert on the Water, Giovanni Battista Viola, 1620