Nature Inspirations for December 2020 include: Nature Poem: Winter, John Clare (1793 -1864) and Nature Painting: Landscape with Ruins, Filippo diAngeli (1620)



Nature Poem


John Clare (1793 -1864)


The small wind wispers thro the leafless hedge

Most sharp and chill while the light snowey flakes

Rests on each twig and spike of withered sedge

Resembling scattered feathers - vainly breaks

The pale split sunbeam thro the frowning cloud

On winters frowns below - from day to day

Unmelted still he spreads his hoary shroud

In dithering pride on the pale travellers way

Who croodling hastens from the storm behind 

Fast gathering deep and black - again to find

His cottage fire and corners sheltering bounds

Where haply such uncomfortable days

Make musical the woodsaps frizzling sounds

And hoarse loud bellows puffing up the blaze.




Landscape With Ruins And Figures | Filippo D Angeli | oil painting

Nature Painting

Landscape with Ruins, Filippo diAngeli, 1620