Nature Inspirations for July 2020 include: Nature Poem: To Mrs Boteler, A Description of her Garden, Mary Chandler (1687-1745) and Nature Music Piece: Carnival of the Animals, Saint-Saens



Nature Poem

To Mrs Boteler, A Description of her Garden

Verses 1-9

Mary Chandler (1687 -1745)


How charming is this little spot 

Disposed with art and taste.

A thousand beauties intermixed

Prepare the eyes a feast.


The lovely limes in ample rows

With woodbines climbing round,

A shining gravel walk inclose

Where not a weed is found.


The crocus, primrose, daffodil,

And cowslip sweet I sing,

And fragrant purple violet -

All harbingers of spring;


The musky blushing lovely pink,

Jonquil with rich perfume,

Tulips that vie with Iris'bow,

And balsam's annual bloom;


The immortal pea, fair 'emone,

And beamy marigold,

And polyanthus (lovely tribe!)

Their various blooms unfold.


The gardener's pride, ranunculus,

Bell-flowered ethereal blue,

The rose campion, and golden lupe,

And wonder of Peru;


The amaranths, as poets sing,

That Juno deigned to wear,

That in Hesperian gardens spring,

Bloom fair and fragrant here.


The lily fair as new-fallen snow;

All these the borders grace,

And myrtles, roses, jessamines

With fragrance fill the place.


A group of dwarfish apple trees

Appear, a fairy scene,

Laden with fruit, such Paris gave

To Venus, beauty's queen.



Nature Music Piece

Carnival of the Animals