Azalia's Jasmine Dream Body Oil


Azalia Spa Goods values transparency with our customers about our business. A couple of my customers who are new to organic and natural personal care products constantly ask “Why do Azalia’s body oils cost more than the drugstore body oils?” I’ve listed a couple things here and I thought maybe others would be interested in my response as well.


  1. All our products are 100% organic, vegan and cruelty free - meaning, they contain ONLY certified organic ingredients and do no harm any animals! Better for our bodies, better for the environment and better for our animals! Note: organic ingredients aren’t cheap! Remember the organic fruits and vegatables you buy at the grocery store, it’s probably double the price of the nonorganic one? Same applies with all of our organic ingredients in Azalia’s body oils. We charge more because we pay that much more to get the quality of ingredients that make up our organic formulations.


I’d also like to note that certified organic ingredients have stricter farming standards, especially if you’re trying to avoid pesticides residue: Quote from Organic Trade Association

“Certified Organic" means the item has been grown according to strict uniform standards that are verified by independent state or private organizations. Certification includes inspections of farm fields and processing facilities, detailed record keeping, and periodic testing of soil and water to ensure that growers and handlers are meeting the standards which have been set. “


  1. Why smaller containers? That’s because they’re concentrated. No water, fillers, preservatives, synthetics...ONLY pure botanical ingredients. That means, you don’t need that 32 oz jug of drugstore lotion, that’s 50% water to get you through the month. With our 2 oz body oils, you don’t need a lot to moisturize (less is more)!


  2. Our products are great for any skin type, especially sensitive skin users. Many of our lovely customers have shared that they walked away from their old moisturizers when they discovered Azalia Spa Goods - because they finally found the results they were looking for.  


  3. Everything you ingest, inhale or put on your skin really do matter. The products we use, enter the blood stream and impact our health. There are just too many devastating facts about how toxins are affecting us especially the growing cancer rates.  


  4. We are a small business and have been making our products by hand. We are honored to provide products to so many of our lovely customers and we work especially hard to do so.


A lesson I've learned over time is that you get what you pay for. If the price is cheap, you are usually getting cheap quality. Hint: It’s cheaper to put in chemical ingredients than it is to put natural ingredients. Another realization is that we spend money on the things we value, and that is different for everyone. When it comes to something like personal care, for example, we have to understand WHAT we are getting and WHY it is better (for us, the environment, or animals). Mostly, we want you to feel comfortable about the choice to purchase our products and the benefits you’ll get from using them. 


We'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject too! Please share in the comments below.