Simply Pure by Nature


Azalia Spa Goods is a line of handcrafted aromatherapy body oils born out of my simple desire to follow in nature's example. Instead of tinkering with complicated fillers or harsh chemicals for my products, I embrace only the purest plant- and flower-based ingredients. They in turn embrace our skin and body with the kindest forms of nourishment.


In small, thoughtfully blended batches, each Azalia oil is created to be your natural beauty everything: bath oil, massage oil, makeup remover, hair elixir, little miracles in a bottle. They're made with only certified organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients with a commitment to fair trade, which means they're super friendly- to you, our earth, and animals. With every purchase, a portion of sales are donated to the Garden School Foundation.


It's the simplest, purest form of indulgence. Elegant over fancy. Simplicity over synthetic. Beauty over glam.


Just as nature intended.
With love,
Aimee Flor
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